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What is your first thought when you notice the symbol of the light bulb? The invention of the electric light bulb changed the world significantly and now its icon represents inventive ideas or insight. 

Question Solver

Once you see it in the ARIS Community, be ready to meet our BPM experts because this badge is a reward for sharing knowledge and helping ARIS Community members.  

You should check other available badges here considering there is one important rule in our ARIS Community: the more badges, the more experience :-) 

How can this badge help?  

With our Question Solver badge, it is not hard to recognize the BPM specialists and you can find them just by entering the magical world of our ARIS Community Forums. Why magical? Because here you can be inspired, you can develop new ideas and be enchanted by the BPM world.  

Do you want to meet the Question Solver? Write your question, read the comments, and mark the best reply which helps you the most. Next time you might even find a question where you know the solution and don’t be surprised by your new badge…  

To sum it up this Question Solver badge is useful and getting it is super easy like this magic spell. No, just kidding. 😀 Like this simple BPMN model.* 

Fun model

The leaderboard on the right also helps you to see the most experienced members. But of course, it might change next month :-) when you start collecting points for your activity in the ARIS Community. For example, your next achievement could be the Commentator badge. So, let’s comment. 

Zuzana from ARIS Community team 


*This BPMN model was created for amusement and entertainment purposes only. :-D


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