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ARIS Express counterIt was a tough race against our counter. Since more than 150 days this counter was running down to the final release date of ARIS Express. And it was publically visible all the time! We almost made it on time, just one hour late ;-)

Now, the first official version of ARIS Express is available for you to download. Many of you already used the beta version and helped us to identify various bugs. We have fixed them all. Thank you for your support in testing ARIS Express!

If you are using the beta version already, there is no need to install ARIS Express again. See the following article describing in detail how to upgrade your ARIS Express installation.

Besides fixing the bugs discovered, we also added some new features, namely:

Here are some important links you might find useful to get started with ARIS Express:

Today, we will also do some updates to ARIS Community to better reflect the availability of ARIS Express. So stay tuned and watch the site!

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